Welcome to the Pennsylvania Mid-State Bed and Breakfast Association

Thank you for taking a moment to learn something about us.

We are a collection of large and small Bed and Breakfasts in Central Pennsylvania (roughly within a 70-mile radius of the geographic center of the state). All of our members are included on our website (a condition of membership). Click on DIRECTORY of B&B's for a general overview of our members. We feel it is important for our guests to recognize the difference between Bed and Breakfasts and traditional lodging facilities. While many hotels and motels and similar businesses are borrowing a "taste of" the B&B experience with "breakfast included" (with greater or lesser success) they do not meet the definition of a Bed and Breakfast and are not eligible for membership. Our hosts welcome you into their home upon your arrival, visit with you as you are shown to your room and introduced to their amenities, fix your breakfast and gab over coffee; take your photograph with your camera, and wish you "safe journey" as you drive away.

This Association operates and succeeds as a collaborative effort of its members. There is no permanent or paid staff. We, the members, make the Association run! Those who choose to join are encouraged to do so with the intent of participating by attending meetings, serving on committees and eventually choosing to contribute time and effort as officers. If such participation is not possible you are welcomed just as enthusiastically if the benefits of membership are of value to you..

In this section on our association you can find the following references. Clicking on that reference will take you directly to it. Or simply scroll down through the page:

Benefits of Membership
Objectives and Purposes
Membership Standards
Schedule of Fees
Definition of member properties

How to apply for membership
Membership Application
Officers & Committees
Meeting Schedule
How to contact us

Perhaps primarily by providing the means to do together what we are less able to do separately. Being “associated” vastly increases our exposure through collective marketing via our Website, and Cookbook.
If for no other reason, collective marketing is why a B&B would join PMBBA; a simple, but vibrant
and growing, informal collection of local Innkeepers who enjoy the "camaraderie" of sharing
and doing things together.

While on the subject of marketing, the another major benefit PMBBA offers is a group membership with
Webervations (online reservation service)at a reduced price depending on the number of rooms you have. (see http://www.webervations.com/ for more

For many of us, after cooperative marketing (perhaps, for some, even ahead of it) is the opportunity for
professional and social networking and the sharing of experiences and information among members at
our monthly membership meetings. There is simply no way to attach a value to the interaction
between, and the friendships that develop among, our members, most of which goes unrecognized
except by those who experience it.
There are other VERY valuable benefits, not least of which are:
Increased referrals from fellow members.
A voice for state and local B&B legislative issues
and professional integrity for your business through PMBBA

* To provide a forum for our innkeepers on all aspects of Bed and Breakfast operations.
* To develop and encourage high standards of hospitality.
* To broaden public understanding and appreciation of the B & B industry.
* To support the membership through collective action pertaining to regulatory agencies.
* To serve as a support network for active members by offering benefits such as collective advertising
and marketing.

These standard have been adopted as a requirement for membership to the Pa Mid-State Bed and
Breakfast Association as a means of helping each establishment achieve and maintain a high level of
quality and excellence. It also enables other members to recommend your B&B. We trust our
standards will attract other B&B's to the Association because of the excellent reputation we will maintain. Upon
application for membership a prospective B&B member will be inspected based on the following standards:

Exterior shall be well kept, have exterior lighting. and provide parking on or near the premises.

1. Cleanliness:
    A. All spaces, including public area, guest rooms, bathrooms and dining areas must demonstrate
a high standard of cleanliness, be consistently maintained and provide a pleasant atmosphere
2. Guest Safety:
    A. Smoke detection system on all floors, and in rooms with a working fireplace.
    B. Current fire extinguishers as required by Labor and Industry.
    C. Emergency exits identified
    D. First aid kits accessible to guests.
    E. Emergency telephone numbers posted.
    F. Guests informed on how to locate/communicate with innkeepers.
    G. Non-skid tubs & showers or mats.
    H. Electrical outlets with GFIs in bathrooms.
    I. Locks on all bathrooms not inside rooms
    J. Emergency lighting in guests rooms, hallways, stairways.
    K. Guests informed prior to arrival that B & B has house pets.
3. Each bedroom must be dedicated to guest use only. Each room must be well lighted, including bedside
reading lights and have a pleasant decor and furnishings. Space must be provided for the guests to move
freely and comfortably and store their hanging clothes and personal effects. Windows must have coverings
to provide privacy
4. Beds & mattresses must be comfortable, of good quality and in top condition. Sofa beds or cots may
not be used as primary beds. Bedding must include a mattress pad, two sheets, pillow and case for each
guest, in top condition, free from soil and stains, and changed after the departure of each guest.
5. Bathrooms must have spotless walls, floors, and fixtures. Ample amounts of hot water must be
available at all times. Each guest must be provided with at least one bath towel, hand towel, and face
cloth. Towels must be of excellent quality, and may not be frayed or threadbare. Extra towels and
linens should be available to guests. Additionally, there must be a lined wastebasket, toilet tissue,
drinking glass or cups, soap and facial tissues. Adequate space for toiletries should be provided with a
well-illuminated mirror at the sink.
6. A common room should be available for socializing during evening and breakfast hours to provide the
hospitality which is the hallmark of B&B's,. This area should be attractive and adequately furnished
for the enjoyment of guests.
7. The kitchen must be clean, well maintained and comply with high standards of sanitation and hygiene.
Food quality, preparation and presentation must be of consistently high quality. A full or continental
breakfast must be offered for each day of the guest's stay and is to be included in the room rate.
8. Management:
    A. Must be licensed to collect sales tax.
    B. Must be in compliance with local zoning.
    C. Must carry liability insurance.
    D. Rates must be made known to guests at the time reservations are made.
    E. Cancellation policy must be made know to guests at the time reservations are made.
    F. Complaints from guests should be handled quickly and in the spirit of cooperation
9. Pets
    A. If family pets have access to guestrooms, guests should be informed prior to arrival.
    B. There should be no detectable odor of pets in guestrooms, common area, or kitchen.
10. Professionalism:
    A. Clear and accurate directions given on brochure or with confirmation.
    B. Inn restrictions/limitations clearly stated (such as pets, smoking, children, and alcohol consumption).
    C. Breakfast described (i.e. Continental, Full, etc.)
    D. Innkeeper or staff present at check-in time.
11. The following are not required but are highly recommend:
    A. Robe hooks and exhaust fan in bathrooms.
    B. Comfortable chairs in rooms.
    C. Alarm clocks.

* The membership fee is $70, plus $5 per room in excess of 2 rooms (1st 2 rooms are included in the membership fee).
* There is a one-time web site fee of $35 for new members.
* The Webervations membership discount is dependent on your number of rooms.

* A B&B is a residential property of 10 bedrooms or less which offers nightly accommodations to the
    public, and in which breakfast is available on premises and is included in the room rate.
* Though the property may be historic or contemporary, it is residential in style. The innkeepers may be
    other than the owner provided they reside on the premises or permanently in a nearby property.
    Typically a common room other than the dining room is available to guests for socializing. The
    innkeepers are involved in the day-to-day operations of the property. Un-hosted guesthouse annexes
    must be part of a B & B.
* Commercial properties such as boarding houses, hotels, motels, restaurants with motel
    accommodations, even though they may follow the B& B model, are not eligible for membership.

If you choose to join PMBBA (and we hope you do) simply download the (membership application), fill it out
and mail it to: Membership Chairman, P. O. Box 336, Boalsburg PA 16827. Even better, call one of our membership co-chairpersons below, under HOW TO CONTACT US. Meanwhile, interested innkeepers are welcome to
attend any of our meetings to learn more about us on a more personal level. "New blood" converts to a "stronger Association".
After receiving your application you will be contacted to make an appointment for your inspection. Upon
successful completion of the inspection, and receipt of your check for the first year's dues, you will be:
* provided with a membership packet
* added to our Association email distribution "Listserve" which will keep you up to date on all Association
    activities, including meeting dates, times and locations. and
* contacted by our webmaster to get you posted on the web site (and connected with
    Webervations if you've made that choice). Call Wally Lester at 814-632-6813 or email at fwl1@psu.edu

Click here for a printable membership application form

* President
* Vice President
* Treasurer
* Secretary/Historian
* Marketing Director
* Association Website Manager
* Membership Chairperson
* Civic Outreach Coordinator
* Up to 5 Members Director-at-Large

Please show our hosts the courtesy of calling in advance if you plan to attend. This small,
but considerate act helps prevent waste and also ensures that there are refreshments for all.
Meetings for the General Membership are monthly and are scheduled:
* On the 2nd (or 3rd…depending) Sunday of every month at 2pm
The meetings are located at various members' B&B's
The Membership Chairman can apprise you of the meeting locations.

There are several ways:
* Call Wally Lester at 814-632-6813 or email at fwl1@psu.edu
* Write to us at POB 336, Boalsburg PA 16827 or
* Contact one of our members via our (directory) on http://www.bedandbreakfastpa.com